1. Form and Subscribe

Form your group, huddle, band of brothers.
Subscribe (below) on/around the same day as your group ($7/month or $77/year).

2. Receive and Process

Receive your 52-week experience via email, weekly.
Process the 1+ page reading, thought focus, and/or exercise (10-60 min/week—your choice).

3. Connect and Multiply

Connect with your tribe via Facebook or Google Hangout or over coffee.
Become a 7th Year Lifer (on Week 52 you receive lifetime access to all the movement creates).
Multiply by inviting others into the movement (shoulder-to-shoulder).

You can either join The 7th Year with a one-time payment of $77 (one month free)
or a monthly subscription of $7/month via Paypal.

What does the 7th Year e-journey look like?


Each week, your e-journey will bring you clear, practical steps toward tangible, sustainable growth in your spiritual life.

The e-journeys all have three components: a 1-2 page Reading, a Thought Focus, and an Exercise. You choose each week whether to invest five minutes in a Thought Focus or an hour in an Exercise.

One 7th Yearer said, “I enjoy the week I’m on, and then enjoy the next one even more. I very much appreciate the tone and heart this study is written in. I find it hope filled and gentle. Because each lesson is like taking a shallow broad step I do not get overwhelmed, but remain hopeful that true lifestyle change toward sustained intimacy with God is taking place.”

Dowload a sample

Want to test drive The 7th Year?

Try the 7-Day Challenge. You can do this solo or with a group of friends to see if you would like to commit to the 52-week path together. Go ahead and try out a 7-Day Challenge.

I am not currently leading a group, but I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the 7th Year. It opened a new world of relationship with the Lord. I am currently in a GCU class that continues to cycle around the concepts of solitude, meditation, silence, and practicing His Presence. The foundation of the 7th year has provided stability and invaluable experience in the discipleship of the soul. Thank you for your example and inspiration.

– Paula Kingsworth

I am not currently leading a group. I have led two groups through the 7th year. The first was an email connected group and the second was hosted in my living room along with a time of worship with songs that invite intimacy. (For example “Pour My Love On You” by Misty Edwards.) After experiencing both types of facilitating, I would say both grant accountability which is so needed in this extended experience together, and the face to face sharing is a true blessing. Each time we were from different churches, but each had the thirst for exactly what 7th year mentors. I know of no other experience like it. The study has forever deeply changed me. I am in my third year of monthly prayer retreats. I can not say enough good about this mentoring experience!

– Ann Wittig Johnson

My girls and I made it through half a year before schedules and the difficulty of the language barrier kind of sabatoged us. I can say though that the 7 year journey made a difference in my life and helped me transition to a new place and perspective on ministry. I’m personally changed, and I grew tremendously as a mentor.

– Karla Ford

If you are looking for a way to connect the dots of your spiritual life, past experiences, personal purpose, relationships & intimacy with God–this is the experience for you! The 7th Year has been a much needed time of deep reflection, challenging reading, authentic mentoring and inspiring spiritual growth. Awesome!

– SV from Oregon

I can’t think of a better way to help quiet the mind of all the temporary earthly things and focus attention on the presence of God and what is eternal than to participate in The 7th Year. It has helped me tremendously in refocusing my life on what is important. There is a very real peace that can’t be found anywhere else than in God’s presence and The 7th Year is carefully created to help people return to the presence of God.

– AB from Texas

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