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What others are saying about The 7th Year


I can honestly say that The 7th Year was the most beneficial commitment I have made to deepen and enrich my spiritual life. I am interested in receiving the 52 weeks again as my husband and I and one other couple will be working through the 7th year journey together. We are so excited about this ministry as it resonates with our spirits. Thank you for taking the time to write and share this mentoring process with us. We feel so blessed and want to share this with others.

– Deb

This mentor style journey is out of the box amazing. Thank you for bringing this to the Church. The lifetime availability of it is a partnership I’ve not experienced before. This is my 2nd time through and I’m celebrating movement around every corner. I’m living a richer walk with Jesus, and God is able to work on life long prayer requests at the same time deep inside me. Plus, I’m able to facilitate other’s along their journey at the same time. I feel like I’m part of the great commission now instead of being sidelined by life long prayers which had stagnated me. So very encouraging! Thank you!!!

– Annie Johnson

If you are looking for a way to connect the dots of your spiritual life, past experiences, personal purpose, relationships & intimacy with God – this is the experience for you! The 7th Year has been a much needed time of deep reflection, challenging reading, authentic mentoring and inspiring spiritual growth. Awesome!

– SV from Oregon

I can’t think of a better way to help quiet the mind of all the temporary earthly things and focus attention on the presence of God and what is eternal than to participate in The 7th Year. It has helped me tremendously in refocusing my life on what is important. There is a very real peace that can’t be found anywhere else than in God’s presence, and The 7th Year is carefully created to help people return to the presence of God.

– AB from Texas

I have reached the point where I have now been a Christian for half of my life. Being a part of The 7th Year has been the most beneficial growth experience I have had! I entered this process in a difficult place, and the e-journeys have helped me sift through, sit with, and enter into spiritual places I never knew existed.

– LD from Florida

Church-planting has an amazing way of taking time away from the One you are focused on working for – Jesus. I am so grateful to God that this opportunity opened up at such a critical crossroad in my life. In the midst of the insanity, it has helped me to quiet my soul and take time to think about the things that really matter. I don’t even know where I would have been without it!

– KN from Louisiana

The 7th Year has been a ‘God-send’ for me. I wish everyone I know could go through this. I had no idea how much I would gain when I started this journey, and I am so glad I did!

– AL from Texas

I just told my hubby-pastor: I think we should go through this as a couple – OR I will do it with a group of gals and you with a group of guys, and we can “pow wow” about it. It is SPIRITUAL DETOX, RE-ALIGNMENT, FACTORY RESET with the CREATOR. Seriously. I highly recommend this for personal “coaching” for those in ministry, as well as curriculum for intensive discipleship. We as a Church must take a deep look at our “walking theology,” as Alicia calls it, because when we run fast into passionate ministry without first submitting ourselves to a Biblical “checkup” with another seasoned Christ-follower, we might as well go mountain hiking naked, with no food or supplies. Honest, intentional well-being for leaders – because we can never lead where we have never been. Be brave enough to stop and look inside.

– KS from California

It’s life-changing, absolutely soul-nurturing. I cannot recommend it enough. If you long for authentic community and for mentoring, this is your ticket (especially if you feel like the stage of life you are in right now is not conducive to lots of “getting together” events. This is a way to DO LIFE with others who want to do whatever it takes to go after God’s heart. It’s the way we are meant to live: in the thick of it all with like-minded souls who are willing to share the nitty-gritty journey of living FULLY ALIVE.

– TW from Virginia

The Lord has used The 7th Year in ways I could not have anticipated. This has been exactly what I needed at this season of my life. Committing to The 7th Year was absolutely a decision I will never regret.

– Anonymous

The 7th Year is a chance for people to come together.  You intentionally engage in the Word, connect emotionally with one another on levels you wouldn’t casually be able to and grow spiritually with a group every week while growing individually every day.

– JF from Florida

The 7th Year provides a framework in which a group of people can grow relationally while shifting their spiritual formation from an event-driven process to a healthier, day-by-day journey.  My relationship with Jesus has been dramatically impacted by being involved in The 7th Year.  It is challenging, convicting and encouraging – if you are looking for a run of the mill devotional, then keep looking.

– BY from Washington, DC

Experiencing the 7th year has given me the space to hear Him, a grid to see Him, and a renewed desire to know Him.

I have not desired to know God with such excitement and anticipation, as I have in this 7th year journey.  I simply can’t wait to read each week’s focus and the guided response applied to each one.  It is truly revitalizing my spiritual life and renewing my living relationship with Jesus.

– JK

The 7th Year experience is unlike any Bible study I’ve ever done. I love it. I do not feel bogged down or obligated to complete the assignments. Instead I look forward to when I can go over the weekly sessions. There is freedom to put as much time into the sessions or as little -as your schedule allows. I am, of course the most blessed when I take much time to ponder the thoughts Alicia puts out there for us.

The first 6-7 weeks take a little more time than the others. I don’t think they have to…but for me, being a little on the meticulous side; they did. It was well worth the time, however. Alicia warns us not to get bogged down over the details of the “time-line” assignment during those first few weeks. I did. It is an extremely helpful exercise (those first few weeks). If you can just decide which method to use from the beginning, that makes all the difference. I had a little trouble with this. Once I got going it was great!

The real life stories/examples Alicia gives are very thought provoking. The scriptures she applies are wonderful. I believe God is revealing new truth specifically for me as a result of being a part of the study. If there is at least one other person you could go through this with, it would be best. Even if you cannot talk or meet every week, it would be good to go through it at the same time someone else is doing it. If not, you will still get so much out of it on your own.

Relax and enjoy the new thoughts God will place within you as you go along through this 7th Year experience. Taste and see how good He is along with seeing how fearfully and wonderfully YOU are made by Him!

– Sandy Weston

I have been in church my entire life. I was homeschooled and I have always been involved in church and served as a missionary for almost two years. What I am trying to say is that I have always been very present and active in church and in my 35 years of church attendance no one has ever sown into me the way you just have over the past year (except my mother when she was raising me)….and you weren’t even here. I just found this awesome thing…I don’t want it to stop.

– Nikki Wilcox